Skip and Cowash set to revolutionise digital laundry services

New partnership through the Dirt is Good platform set to revolutionise digital laundry services and embrace a collaborative economy

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Skip, the global laundry brand, has partnered with emerging French startup and laundry app, Cowash, to provide the ultimate sharing economy led laundry experience. Skip formed the partnership with Cowash following a competitive pitch through the Unilever Foundry, as part of a search across Europe for a new business model in digital laundry services.

Cowash is an affordable digital laundry service designed to build social links and community. Available on iOS and Android, the app allows consumers to book a ‘Cowasher’ that comes to pick up their clothes directly at home and have their dirty laundry cleaned and ironed within 48 hours. Through this unique technology, Skip will directly reach consumers at home by supplying the quality guaranteed Skip Ultimate laundry detergent to all Cowashers, as well as providing tips for the removal of tough stains.

Skip is collaborating with Cowash to make laundry services available to a broader community. The new model, set to engage with a younger demographic through a digital solution, aims to improve the daily lives of its users by freeing up their time usually spent on chores likes laundry.

Soft, white and clean smelling laundries with the digital app Cowash which is using the Unilever laundry product "Skip"

This partnership utilises Cowash’s ability to create a living community for Skip to tap into, while offering a new sustainable and easy to use solution for pooling laundry. The pilot launches in Paris in September this year.

Cowash Team in Paris, France

Stuart Edmunds, Global EVP Fabrics Cleaning, commented: “We recognise that it is increasingly important to unlock people’s time, and this new business model can truly empower our customers. The sharing economy can help answer todays growing need for laundry services, and we’re very excited to tap into this trend and experiment with a peer-to-peer model that can offer people a truly novel solution.”

Adrien Hugon, Cowash founder, commented: “With this pilot, we were able to connect with a globally recognised brand, improve the quality of our service and together revolutionise digital laundry services with our technology. We know that to reach a younger and digital generation, brands must adapt their thinking and experiment with new business models. We see huge potential in the sharing economy, which will enable Skip to connect with consumers in a new way.”

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