The Unilever Foundry and Dogpatch Labs invites startups to pitch in Dublin Docklands event

Collaboration workspace event helps Irish startups and innovators to explore new business opportunities.

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Recently, Unilever Foundry Ireland in association with Dogpatch Labs hosted a curated ‘Meet the Startups’ event in Dublin to help match corporate brands with potential startup partners. The event followed the successful launch of The Unilever Foundry and Dogpatch Labs partnership in the summer. ‘Meet the Startups’ included 90 second pitch opportunities for startups and insightful thought-provoking sessions within the heart of Dublin’s Docklands. 

The ‘Meet the Startups’ event highlighted the variety of opportunities available for startup collaboration with Unilever brands throughout Ireland. Utilising the Dogpatch teams’ network and knowledge of the startup ecosystem in Ireland, plus Unilever Foundry’s selection criteria, 19 startups were identified as potential matches for collaboration projects with Unilever brands. The hugely positive evening welcomed fascinating and varied learning experiences to those that joined the sessions.

Unilever Foundry and Dogpatch Labs invites startups to pitch in Dublin Docklands event

“The evening was a great success and the feedback from both the hosting Dogpatch team, as well as the startups involved, was extremely beneficial to our collaboration project,” said Patrick Walsh, Managing Director of Dogpatch Labs. “Events such as this have made it possible for startups to pitch their innovative business solutions and to find potential matches for collaboration. We look forward to an even more successful second event in the future!”

Unilever Foundry’s work within Ireland has also seen the release of two new briefs outlining challenges that need solving and business opportunities it is seeking to grasp with the help of startups.

Ice cream beacons – Unilever Foundry Ireland is looking for startup partners that can drive high product awareness and support conversion for either instore solutions or unique experiences relating to the ice cream category.  

Meal inspiration in store - Unilever Foundry Ireland is looking for a startup partner that can offer instore meal solutions for same-day cooking. The startup should provide accessible, clearly communicated, instore solutions.

“The response from startups in Ireland through our Dogpatch Labs collaboration is extremely positive,” said Jonathan Hammond, Head of Unilever Foundry. “The startup community within Ireland is continuing to grow, and being able to partner with these innovative companies to increase business efficiency for our Unilever brands is a great opportunity. With just four months under our belts with Dogpatch Labs, we’re excited to see how the collaboration will continue to evolve.”

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